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             12 Didgeridoo Solos

             12 Didgeridoo Solos





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Upcoming Performances

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what's new!

NEW BLOG: Just Ask.....HA! You're Kidding Right?!: Asking is such a hard thing to do but I'm finding so necessary if I'm going to survive as a musician. Read more....

NEW DIDGETREE CHARM PENDANTS ARE HERE!  Check them out at the Etsy Shop

NEW TRACK!!  So, sometimes you just have to go with an idea when it's been in your head for months and it ends up saying it OUT LOUD. This edit has become a game changer for me and i like it! Have a listen and see why.  

COMING SOON: THE PATREON CONNECTION!: So what the heck is Patreon? It's an awesome online platform that connects creators with patrons to provide ongoing, sustainable support for artists in their work. I've been at work on a Patreon profile and hope to have it up in early December. In the meantime, check Patreon out if you've got a minute. You can find it here at

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performing live at the Indidjinus Conference 2016