Photo by Will Thoren

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News & Updates

TA-KA TA-KA IS HERE!!!: Ta-ka Ta-ka has arrived and is now available for download or in CD format at Bandcamp.com. Six brand new didgeridoo tunes to dance, drive your car or do your dishes by. Check 'em out!!

THIS COMING WEDNESDAY, 10 AUG 7:15pm - PORTLAND SOUND SANCTUARY OASIS, PORTLAND, OR: Come as you are for a gentle vibration bath with didgeridoo, singing bowls, crystal bowls, Native American flute, handpan and more at Awakenings Wellness Center in Portland, Oregon. $15-$20 sliding scale. Bring something comfortable to lay on and/or to cover with for the bath portion of the session. For more information, please visit https://www.facebook.com/events/150094318732672/

INDIDJINUS IS COMING!!!!: 2nd and 3rd Weekends in August. I'm super stoked for these super didgeridoo weekends. Lots of great performances and workshops to be had so come join us!! Registration is $150 for the Conference and $50 in advance ($75 at the door) for the Festival. For more information or to register, please visit https://indidjin.us/

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New Songs!


Check out more of Pamela's music on soundcloud!

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Upcoming Performances

For booking, please contact Pamela at didgegnome6@gmail.com

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EXTENDED TECHNIQUES! - How to quack like a duck and using a false drone on your didge.

HOW DIDGERIDOO PLAYERS MEDITATE: Chalk this one up to my weird sense of humor!


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What is the sound of didgeridoo? It’s the timeless vibration of the earth itself. Literally. Something that is as much felt as heard.  Lyrical, powerful, soft, bold are ways people have described the music I I’ve made. In 2005, I started this my love affair with the didgeridoo. I’ve love exploring this ancient Aboriginal instrument as an acoustic synthesizer using voice, Turkish inspired rhythms, urban beats and atmospheric ambiance to tell stories and paint soundscapes. It’s been a powerful instrument of personal evolution for me and many others. When you hear it, you’ll know why.


Photo by Will Thoren

Photo by Will Thoren