Imagination, creativity and inspiration through music and soundscapes have always been a part of my world. It’s a way I can communicate and connect with others on a deeper and more magical level. I look into the river, into the space of that magic and mystery and hear the stories come through. Then I relate these stories through didgeridoo and other instruments or singing and bring them out to connect and communicate with people who love the deeper vibes of music. I love sharing these musical stories with listeners. It touches that space and higher qualities in them and I see the lights go on. And so the mutual sharing of warm vibes begins. I love that! I first learned I had these skills when I was very young and shared them with my family. It wasn’t long after that I started sharing them with friends and many others through performing and composing. It’s my own way to help bring a little peace and sonic nourishment to help foster a planet of happy humans.

I am deeply grateful to the First Peoples of Australia, the Aboriginal communities who have been so generous in sharing this amazing instrument and culture. Without such generosity, I would not be able to make the music I make. Thank you!


Currently based in the Pacific Northwest, Pamela Mortensen has had a long and colorful career as a versatile musician and composer first learning to play the organ at the age of six. Later, she went on to add piano, synthesizer and voice to her repertoire of instruments. But it wasn’t until 2005 that the didgeridoo, an ancient Aboriginal instrument from Australia, found its way into her musical life and totally changed it forever.

Since then, she has traveled throughout the U.S, Canada and Mexico bringing her unique blend of contemporary and traditional styles to audiences. Her music ranges from ethereal soundscapes to full on energetic dance numbers that has always left audiences amazed and wanting more. She is considered one of the best women players of didgeridoo in the world and focuses much of her time introducing new audiences to this ancient instrument and what it’s capable of. Her mission is to bring didgeridoo to the masses whether it’s through solo shows, collaboration with other artists or workshops. She also spends time establishing her online presence through running her own website, Youtube channel and Patreon creator page where she presents tutorials, music and practice videos and blog posts about current issues and topics on the growing world didgeridoo scene.

Her list of accomplishments include twice winning an Seattle Artist Award from the Seattle Arts Commission, a Distinguished Performance Award in the Yamaha Electone  Organ Festival and being selected for the 2004 Yamaha AW16G Recording Competition in the world category. She currently has six albums to her credit and her influences include Eastern Indian music and rhythmic music from Middle Eastern and African traditions.

When she’s not recording, performing or writing, she explores some of her other interests which include spending time hiking in the forests of the Pacific Northwest, rollerblading and exploring and sharing her love for tea, chocolate and salted caramel anything.

If you would like to work with Pamela, you can email her at


Didge Ragas (2017)

Ta-ka Ta-ka (2016)

Gjellonden (2015)

12-Didgeridoo Solos (2015)

Doğum (2010)

TreeSpeak (2008)

Mosaic (2005)


1982 - Distinguished Performance, Yamaha Electone Festival Youth Division

1998 - Seattle Artist Award, Seattle Arts Commission

1999 - Seattle Artist Award, Seattle Arts Commission

2004 - First Place, World Music, Yamaha AW16G Recording Contest

2005 - ASCAP Artist Award