On the Precipice of 2015

Dear Friends and Family,

On this last day of 2014, I  think about the extraordinary time we are living in. We are experiencing so many changes in this world, some of them terrible but many of them wondrous and beautiful. I read about the happenings both good and not so good but what I notice most of all, is how many of us are turning towards our soul’s purpose in the face of these changes. We are awakening for sure. What this means for me on a personal level is to align.


Alignment has become a big word for me of late as I swim through the muck of self imposed guilt and shame for choosing the path I’ve chosen. I will admit to these feelings, even if I know they are not my truth, because I know we all feel this to some extent. But alignment and what it means to me is coming into clearer focus. I am grateful for this gift.

Nine and a half years ago, the didgeridoo came into my life. Life took a most wonderful and amazing direction as I embarked on this journey. I asked myself in the beginning “why this instrument?” I had always been strictly a keyboard player up until then. No real answer came for a long time. But after playing this most amazing instrument, I believe the main answer is to dive deeper with courage into my own being and connect with that source that I can only describe as Love. It’s a deeper love than I could have ever imagined and I am so blessed to have to have the ability to bring that love through this ancient instrument and share it in my own way. In these troubled times where so many terrible things are happening, I look around me and see souls desiring to be free to fulfill their potential. This is the real struggle for all of us. I believe that’s why we have come here at this particular time. There is a connection here between this struggle and the ability of transcend it by turning to exploration of one’s potential. For me this means, making and playing music. This is where I am happiest.


Some of you know that five short months ago, I decided to leave my post as a piano and vocal instructor to fulfill a dream of becoming an independent artist. It is an amazing leap of faith and a tremendous risk unlike any other I’ve ever taken. I’ve never had the backing of a record company so I don’t know what it’s like to have that kind of support. But I do know what it’s like to have the support of an amazing group of people and that group is YOU. Even though there are not many of you, it is a strong group that is in as much love with music and didgeridoo as I am and out of that Love you have been willing to share your support with me. I can’t even begin to say how much that means. It’s what has kept me going through the ups and downs of being an artist.


This year has been a most amazing one with performing and presenting workshops through the summer, a tour and performances in the Northwest, California and Canada, releasing two new albums, Gjellonden and Inner Journey, back to back, connecting and collaborating with gifted artists and feeling the love and support of amazing people everywhere I go.


That support especially means a lot to me as I take steps across that threshold into the unknown and uncertain in 2015. There is a definite vision emerging for me as I take these steps. That vision is to continue to bring the didgeridoo’s beautiful and haunting voice into the light through collaborations and solo works, recording and video projects and performances and tours. On the more administrative side, I have been updating my website for a cleaner more functional look and feel, integrating more with social media including YouTube and Facebook and building on an email list for updating news about projects, collaborations, recordings, performances and workshops.


Despite the tremendous risk of leaping into the independent artist realm, I look forward to seeing where this journey takes me. I am most happy and blessed to walk side by side with you because no artist I know of can do this completely alone. I’m not even going to try it without you. It’s you that has taken the time out of your day to listen to the music I and other artists make, it’s you that continue to support through purchasing music and sharing your enthusiasm about what you hear and it’s you that we create the music and art for because you are willing to share in our visions, our dreams and our pain and our joy.


And so I thank you, immensely,…..for reading this far, for coming along on this amazing journey and for being there. As I have said, before no artist can do it without those who are there to listen. So, thank you for listening, thank you for supporting, and thank you for your love.

Happy New Year with Love!


Pamela Mortensen

Performer, musician, composer and mad scientist of sound and soundscapes. Mostly plays didgeridoo but also plays keyboard, sings and loves synthesizing sound both digitally and organically.