Postcards From Mexico

This past October, I traveled to Mexico City to attend and participate in the 4th annual Festival Mexicano de Didgeridoo y Trompeta Maya. I had an amazing time meeting so many warm and welcoming people, seeing a part of the world I’ve never been in before, hearing so much beautiful music and feeling the sweet vibes from everyone who was there. If there is a single festival centered around didgeridoo I can recommend going to for sharing, learning and just plain loving, this is it. 

The festival is the loving gift of Omar De la Tejera, a gifted and devoted didgeridoo player, teacher and crafter from Xalapa, Mexico. I met Omar a couple of years ago when he came to America to attend the InDidjInUs Didgeridoo Gathering in Oregon. The deep love affair with didgeridoo and its vibration that Omar expressed then was (and continues to be) inspiring. It’s because of Omar and his vision of healing and opening the heart in a part of the world that has so many challenges that I found myself traveling to Mexico to be a part of this festival. I'm glad I did. 

Among the people I met are amazing spirits like Liliane Soares from Brazil who is inspiring a movement of women didgeridoo players at the same time inspiring a collaboration between feminine and masculine energies for a more balanced world. Didge Sisters Tania Veetmaya, Tania Moonsarat and Karo Nacho who played their music with a beautiful vibration that gently touched the spirit. Camilo Para from Columbia an amazing multi instrumentalist and teacher who's sense of humor is infectious. Markus Meurer from Austria, who played with his bandmates, Szabi (on jaw harp) and Döme (beatboxing) from Airtist that had us all dancing and celebrating with such an enthusiastic energy I thought none of us would ever come back to earth. Szabi’s beautiful partner Kristina, who wrapped us all in her sweet energy and presence. Anabel Hernandez who’s magical presence and divine love helped me to balance while I was starting to get sick towards the end of my trip. Thank you my Sister for your light and love and for taking the time to meet me at the airport to say farewell. And our amazing hosts Eduardo Castillo and his roommates, Anna, Juan, Miguel and Vlad who were so generous and so welcoming in sharing their home with those of us who traveled from afar. I can't thank all of you enough! 

There were so many other amazing players, teachers and crafters from Argentina, Mexico and Columbia who came and shared their gifts with us. Sebastian, Elias, Carlos, Javier, Havo, Denisse, Matias, Marianna and so many more whose names escape me at the moment and who all shared their wonderful gifts of experience, warmth and generosity. I can easily say I left a much richer person having met and heard all of them. Thank you!

As I mentioned before, Mexico, like many countries, is in a time of great challenge and change. It's a beautiful city in many ways even though there is still so much struggle economically, politically and education wise. I appreciate the chance to be there to witness the struggle and be a part of a group of people devoted to helping to transmute it.  This is what playing didgeridoo, or any other instrument for that matter can do - providing connection through music.  Many, many thanks to Omar for his vision and for having me to the festival. It really means a lot and I really look forward to coming back!

See you all next year!

So, I thought I would share with you some of the photos from the didgeridoo festival and trip. I hope you enjoy these postcards. Many thanks again to everyone who helped to make this journey possible. I’m honored to have been a part of it!

Pamela Mortensen

Performer, musician, composer and mad scientist of sound and soundscapes. Mostly plays didgeridoo but also plays keyboard, sings and loves synthesizing sound both digitally and organically.