The Power of Music at Work

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Like many musicians, I have often been hit by muse, sat down, made or learned a piece of music and have come away feeling lighter and more at ease with the world. It’s really easy for me to get caught up in the creative fire of things, grabbing my power tools (i.e. a didgeridoo, Kurzweil keyboard, mixer and microphone) and pushing my sleeves up and going to work. I love that! My McDonald’s bred work ethic kicks in and bam, I’ve got a song. But what happens after the fact is where I run into some difficulties. Trying to “sell” people on the music has always been a wall that I’ve consistently run up against.  Like any other artist, I am not a natural born marketer and have to really work at trying to get it right. I try to list the benefits of the music I make when I'm releasing new work or works but often it comes off sounding like the sell job I'm trying to avoid. That’s where this article can come in to kind of explain the deeper purpose of what I do and hopefully communicating it in a concise way. So here goes. 

So what do you think of when I say “the power of music at work?” This was something that came to me when I was writing my Patreon bio the other day and I thought “this is an interesting phrase.” We have all heard the phrase “the power of music” but the “at work” part is something new. Music really is a workhorse of an art. I can’t think of any other art that has the power to move on all levels the way music does. That’s not saying other arts don’t have power, they do but music seems to be more powerful for us than most. It's in the background working away affecting us even when we're not aware of it. It's that tune that gets stuck in our heads and makes us smile every time we hear it. And it's that mantra that generates a calm and sane energy in a world that is all too often chaotic, crazy and disconnected.  I know from my own experience, playing and learning music at early age has helped to keep me connected to my essence or my higher self. I can solve problems a bit better and I can function a bit better after playing or composing for an hour or two. When I don’t play music for lack of time or whatever the reason, I get cranky. Seriously. I know many of who read this and who play music can relate. This is what I mean by “the power of music at work.” Here is how I can best sum it up:

Music is the kind of art that rolls its sleeves up and digs around in the dirt to help grow a garden for the mind and soul to thrive in. It grabs a screwdriver in one hand and a hammer in the other to help build a better home, a safer home by providing shelter for the spirit. It’s the rhythm that moves the body and spirit to dance our dance and the melody to sing our songs. And it’s the warm blanket that wraps around us to comfort and soothe us in times of despair, vulnerability and sorrow. It reaches in and grabs us in many different ways and helps us release the joy, the anxiety, the laughter, the pensiveness and all of the other thousands of ways we can feel. When we hear our favorite songs, we are moved into feeling better. When we play music we love, we experience connection with ourselves and others. When we feel better and feel that connection, we function better  and when we can function better, we can tap into our own power and clarity and open the gates to let creativity and imagination flow in. And when we can open the gates of creativity and imagination, there is nothing we can’t do. This is why I make music. To help both myself and others create a safe and inviting space to transform and transmute our world into a the place we would rather live in.

I honestly can't think of a better way to be of service.

Many thanks for reading! If you wish to share this, please do. I really appreciate it.

Be well,


Pamela Mortensen

Performer, musician, composer and mad scientist of sound and soundscapes. Mostly plays didgeridoo but also plays keyboard, sings and loves synthesizing sound both digitally and organically.