The first two charms made from ironwood

The first two charms made from ironwood



So eventually this was bound to happen - I started carving the little DidgeTree charms out of wood for the past few days and the results are turning out beautiful. I love the idea of working with natural materials that are available all around me. Up until now, I had been working with a material called Apoxie Sculpt which is a two-part epoxy clay that I paint up to look like wood but I have to say, the real deal is so much more satisfying to work with. So, over the next few weeks, I'll be phasing out the Apoxie Sculpt and phasing in the wood. It just seems to make more sense. If you want to check out the available DidgeTree necklaces you can find them in my Etsy shop.

Many thanks and Peace All! 


Pamela Mortensen

Performer, musician, composer and mad scientist of sound and soundscapes. Mostly plays didgeridoo but also plays keyboard, sings and loves synthesizing sound both digitally and organically.