OUTTa the gate

Holy cow. Where do I start? There are times when spirit comes roaring out of the gate and all you can do it just hold on for the ride of your life. This is where I’m at right now.

The recent firestorm about the abortion bans over the last couple of weeks has me speaking out not about abortion itself or any other specific issue but more as a human who feels the heat of a system that is increasingly going insane. Last week, I experienced speaking out in a way I never expected when the anti abortion law in Alabama passed. It was like everything that had been bottled up for so long came out of my mouth. But it wasn’t raging or ranting but more like trying to bring some sense of humanity to counter what’s going on in our country and communities and indeed, our world.

So, I’m allowing myself to ride this wave of intent into this week and asking questions and finding answers and damn…..!

As an artist, I’m finally finding the words I’ve been so longing for to describe why it is that I make music. The one word I keep coming back to is connection. The way I choose to do that is through the making of music. I’ve always done this. Music and the arts have always been a way that people and societies can begin to relate and resonate with each other on levels that we can’t describe. To feel with each other, cry with each other, laugh until we split a gut with each other. Finding the richness in each other and ourselves and creating that frickin world that Gandhi talked about all those years ago. I feel we are on the precipice of that moment of finding that world. Or maybe it’s just me but I feel it. And feels friggin’ GREAT! It feels….it feels…. It feels like I’m losing my mind and perhaps I am. Losing that mind that has been so repressed and restrictive and replacing it with a mind that’s free. Maybe you’re feeling the same. Tell me if you are. I’m listening!

Xoxo pam



Pamela Mortensen

Performer, musician, composer and mad scientist of sound and soundscapes. Mostly plays didgeridoo but also plays keyboard, sings and loves synthesizing sound both digitally and organically.