Enjoy This Moment With Me

So I’m sharing the video above in its rawness, because to share the process of crafting a song and the practice that goes behind it is not something that is often seen. I remember once someone remarked how inspiring it was to see my growth as a musician on stage. In looking back along some of the public performances I’ve had, I see she’s right. I’ve grown a lot. There’s room for more growth and I’m sure it will happen.

I think about other artists who inspire me through sharing their art and lives. Two ladies in particular come to mind at the moment. Swedish artist Jonna Jinton and musician Amanda Palmer. Even though these two ladies are dichotomous in character, they share their art, triumphs, messiness, playfulness, ideas, life and passion in an honest, sincere and most human way. I’ve been enjoying this aspect and am inspired to share the same ways.

I love this video because it’s about (re)crafting the artist inside as much as it is about crafting a song. I’ve known what it’s like to work occupations that see you as nothing more than a cog in their wheel so to be able to sit down and live in creative moments like this one and then share them is precious to me. Lately, I’ve been reconnecting to my inner artist and getting to know her again. It feels so GOOD! It feels like I can breathe again. So enjoy this moment with me. There are more coming.

Thank you for watching!


Pamela Mortensen

Performer, musician, composer and mad scientist of sound and soundscapes. Mostly plays didgeridoo but also plays keyboard, sings and loves synthesizing sound both digitally and organically.