Six Tips for (a bit more) Stress Free Practice

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So what do you think of when I say the word practice? Does it make you scrunch your upper lip up in dread or does it thrill you with the chase? In, talking with so many adults and even some kids about practice, many tend to share with me a certain visions of sweat, blood, slaving and slogging through material or a technique. While there is always some degree of discipline and putting in the time, there are ways to make practice a bit more manageable. Here are six things you can do to help make your practice a bit more stress free. 

1. Don’t Worry – If you don’t get the material or technique down today, don’t sweat it. You may get it tomorrow or the next day so don’t worry about what you don’t get and simply focus on what you do get. Just trust your baby steps and remember that Divine Order is crazy like a fox and everything works out. 

2. Give Yourself Permission to be a Beginner – This is an especially  hard one for adults because we are so conditioned to get it right simply because we're older and "should" know better. Just know that this is BS. Everyone starts somewhere and even the experts are at the beginning of some level. It also helps to remember that all great masters are lifetime students......That’s what makes them masters. 

3. Give Yourself Permission to Learn – So many people expect themselves to get something right the first time but few of us are lucky enough to be instant experts. Giving yourself time to learn will, a lot of times, mean taking baby steps and that's ok. That’s all you need. Just keep breathing and you’ll get there. Oh, and don’t worry (see tip #1) about those who learn faster because it doesn’t matter because everyone learns at their own speed.

This brings me to 

4. Be Patient - 

5. Be Persistent - 

Engage in these two habits and you will have won 9/10ths of your game.  

6. Enjoy the Journey! – A.K.A. Enjoy the Ride because you won’t ever experience this moment in the same way again………ever……sorry. 

These tips are brought to you by The Learning Curve. helping humans to be their best since the dawn of time. If you have any questions, please let me know. I teach this stuff and I love helping people sort out the snags in their practice! Many thanks for reading!



P.S. - There are likely to be more tips showing up as I think of them so stay tuned! :-)