Embarking on New Musical Journeys

Pam with udu.jpg

Every musician goes through changes in their career and I'm no exception. I've been playing didgeridoo now for over 12 years which is really not that long considering how far I've come. But there is a new (or not so new) love on the horizon to go hand in hand with didgeridoo. Chanting. I've listened to chanting now for a few years and have grown to love the art of singing love-based mantras and songs of peace. I'm by no means quitting didgeridoo but rather adding to my repertoire as an artist.

I have Tim Feetham to thank for this. Tim and I made a CD together about four years ago called Journey Inward: the Practice Sessions. Since then, Tim has gently persuaded me to start singing more to add my voice to a growing number of artists who are in the chant world. I've been reluctant until I started hearing from other people as well that they would like to hear more of my voice so, I'm starting to sing more and finding my way through the chant world with mantras based on peace, collaboration and harmony. The take away for me has been a deepening appreciation for what I can do and what I can give. I've been finding a peace in myself that i haven't known for a very long time. To be able to bring that out in music means a lot to me. I'm in deep gratitude for this rediscovery. Where this road leads to I'm not sure yet but it doesn't really matter because you can bet sure that I will enjoy the journey. 

To lead all of this off, I would like to give to you the Green Tara chant that I recorded a few months back. Relax, breathe it in and enjoy. Thank you!