self discovery


How blessed I am to be able to make music. To be able to express feelings, thoughts through sound means more than I can say. Sometimes, words literally cannot express the experiences I have when making music.  I can say that there is an expansiveness I feel when I'm in the zone. I'm literally not of this world but rather more a part of the universe which sometimes feels like it includes inter-dimensional leaping. If this sounds a bit far out, it is. But this is what making music does for me.  It takes me awhile to "come back" and I'll admit that sometimes i come back kicking and screaming. 

I shudder to think of where I would be without the expression of this art. I often think about people who haven't been allowed or who haven't allowed themselves to fully explore their potential. I guess fear would  be the biggest reason for this -- the fear of failing or even worse the fear of success. I've gone through this. To hold myself back has been one of the worst things I've done. I don't like admitting this but there it is. I think we all do this to an extent. We do it to ourselves and to each other. But can you imagine the kind of world we could live in if we didn't limit ourselves so much? Holy freakin; cow!! There wouldn't be anything that we couldn't do either on a personal level or collectively. This is why I encourage people to dive into an art. Not so much to be an artist but more to allow the exploration of potential. I can't even begin to say how much I've learned about myself as a being because of allowing myself to make music. I've learned that I have the power to transform, I can be disciplined, I can bring joy and express joy and that I always have choices and am never stuck in anything.  It's been a beautiful process and one I plan on engaging in for a long, long time. 

So as Kurt Vonnegut says, go into the arts. See what beauty you can find in yourself to express. It doesn't have to be to the whole world if you don't want to. It can just be for you if you like. The point is, you owe it to yourself to explore. your own potential because,...well, because you're amazing!!