visual art


I started drawing at the age of three when I drew my first horse with crayon. Many of us can remember this about ourselves - how we endeavored in art or music as a way of expression. After a long absence, I'm getting back into drawing beginning with these. I call them Galaxie Mandalas. I've been drawing them for a few years now but have only recently started to pursue them in serious practice. Like all other mandalas, they have been a source of meditation for me. they have also been a source of pleasure. To be able to step back after a few hours of work on these, it's really sweet to see what transpires on paper. 

These two Mandalas are the beginning. The one with all the curls doesn't have a name yet and has been more of a practice session in drawing on a larger piece of paper. But the one with the feathers (which is still a work in progress) has been medicine for me. This has been a powerful experience drawing this one. The eagle and owl feathers, the thirteen circles arcing towards the corners and every little dot have meaning to me. It's the wisdom of owl, the power of eagle, the Thirteen Grandmothers and all of the tiny dots that are all of Us who inhabit this planet. 

Later on down the road, I may consider lithographing or somehow making copies of these for purchase so others can enjoy the visualization of what could be. But for now, these photos are a small sampling of what is transpiring in life (in addition to music of course). If you think you would like a copy of one of these, do let me know by sending me an email. If I get enough response then I can make some limited edition copies for folks. Also, feel free to leave a comment below. I'd love to hear from you!
Many thanks and much Love Everyone,


NOTE: The quality of the photos don't really do these justice in capturing the subtleties or the softness. For that, I apologize.