About Bluewood

The Birth of Bluewood

In early March of 2007, I saw an ad for a didgeridoo making workshop in Olympia, WA. I packed up the three yucca stalks and took the hour long drive from Seattle to learn how to make a didgeridoo. there were about eight of us all making didgeridoo while it snowed. I learned a lot that day and I’m ever grateful to Matt Merwin for that class. It was also the day that Bluewood Didgeridoos was born.

Making didgeridoo the old fashioned way

Since that day, every Bluewood didgeridoo has been handcrafted. Literally. The only “power tool” used is a battery operated hand drill to make the mouthpieces. I begin the process by first selecting a stalk to work with. Next, I hollow out the didgeridoo using the split and hollow method. This allows me to carve the inside of the didge in a specific way to get the best quality sound possible. After the hollowing process, the didgeridoo is glued back together, signed, numbered and branded with the key name before being finished with a durable, non-toxic finish. The final step is fitting the didge up with a custom carry bag.

The handcrafted process definitely takes longer but the result is a unique instrument made with a lot of love and care.

About the Sound

Every didgeridoo has a story to tell and songs that are just waiting to be played. It’s my job as a crafter and player to help bring those stories and songs out where they can be heard and enjoyed. Carving the inside of the didge is where I spend most of the time in crafting so I can get the most resonant and warm sound possible. So while a didgeridoo may not necessarily be loud, it can have resonance which one of the main reasons why didgeridoo is so attractive. The mouthpiece is the second place where I spend a lot of time crafting. This is to provide the most comfortable mouthpiece possible because you can have best sounding didge in the world but if you don’t have a comfy mouthpiece, you not going to want to play it. Here are a couple of sound samples of past custom didges I’ve made.

Custom agave Didge: Low F#

Agave Didegridoo in C

Custom Yucca Didgeridoo in D

Didgeridoo Gallery

Photos of past didgeridoos I've made as well as photos from the process of making. If you have any questions or if you would like to order a custom made didgeridoo, contact me at didgegnome6@gmail.com. Many thanks!