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MAKER UNKNOWN - $30 (shipping included) 

This sweet little flute has got a nice sound and is SUPER SENSITIVE so not much breath is needed to play it. You'll notice this in the sound samples below (which is what happens when you hand a flute like this to a didge player). Anyhow, if you're willing to invest the patience and time to listen to how this flute loves to be played I'm sure she will reward you with some sweet and lovely songs. She is made of cedar (at least that what it smells like) and is very portable. carry bag will be included. Made in 2007, the maker of this flute is unknown though there is a signature on the underside up near the mouthpiece. The holes on this flute are smaller in diameter and are nicely spaced for smaller hands. If you have any questions about this flute, send me an email

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