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Uncover your Inner Artist

Over the years, I have many conversations with people about learning to play music .The one thing I hear the most when I tell people that I've been a piano instructor is "Oh, I took piano when I was a kid but I quit. I wish i would have stuck with it." I'm here to say you can ALWAYS come back. The opportunity is always there. I know it's easy to come up with all kinds of reasons to not start and I understand the fears that learning something new is scary. This is why I love to teach people that they can drop the fears and just let yourself play. When we learn how to be this open and creative, it brings out a confidence that we may not have experienced before. And once that confidence is felt, there is no stopping us. We get curious and want to do more. I see this as the essence of my job. I love helping people see past the fears and self-imposed limitations to set themselves free to their creative potential. if this sounds good to you read on.....

Who I Am

I am Pamela Mortensen and I’m a life-long musician who has made the art of music making the center point of my life. But it’s more than just learning to play musical instruments or composing music for me. Being a life-long musician has taught me about focus, commitment and joy while being in a creative space. To me, practice is not about sweating, slaving or slogging through material. It means learning to bring focus to what you’re doing in the moment that you’re doing it and letting the joy come through in the creative process. So many times when we take up an art like music, we often lose that focus because we let ourselves become distracted with the idea of learning just the art without laying a foundation of why we do that art. I understand, too, how easy it is to become distracted my life’s demands and time limitations which is exactly why I’ve started these programs. When you sign up for a Divine Musician program, you are actually committing time, effort and energy to yourself to make the changes from the inside out. You are taking the time to devote energy to filling your own cup so you can feel the joy of being creative. I work closely with clients to help bring them into connection with their heart and soul so they can feel that space where creativity can come out effortlessly. In the 13 years teaching piano, voice and didgeridoo, I have helped many people of all ages reach their potential, goals and dreams. I would love to do the same for you. Read on, to learn more about how we work together.

A Word About Practice

Often times when I say the word “practice” the vast majority of people wince and wrinkle their lip because we’ve been so conditioned to see practice as something to just get through to learn material. Practice for me has always been about focus through learning new material. Learning to focus goes much deeper into feeling that space that makes music making effortless.


Have you ever watched some of your favorite musicians and thought

“WOW! she makes look so easy! How DO they do that?”


It’s through practice. When you’re learning to master the material, you’re actually learning to master yourself. It doesn’t really matter what the material is whether it’s a piece of music or a piece of crochet, the center piece of practice we do is in the focus of your mind and focusing on what you wish to accomplish and enjoying the journey along the way.

A Word about Expectations


Expectations, like practice, has been a loaded word for so many. To make a commitment to one’s self can be such a hard thing to do especially in these demanding times and sometimes it can be so much easier when you have a guide to help you along. Expectations are not a perfect thing. There will be stumbling blocks along the way but with patience and persistence, we work through those blocks to get to the other side where you can experience the sweetness of what you wish to accomplish.  So, it’s not so much about what I expect from you as it is what you’re able to expect from yourself. When you sign up for a Divine Musician package, you learn to set your own goals and then we work closely together to get to those goals while finding the joy along the way. We walk the path and learn together. But even before we do that, I want be very clear that YOU want to commit to this. Changing and growing is an inside job and it can be effortless or it can be hard as you want it to be so, I want you to take the time to really feel out if this is something you want to do. If so, what you can expect is


  • To be held accountable for doing the work
  • To be willing to put in the practice time
  • To spend time meditating and keeping a musician’s journal
  • To be kind, patient to and persistent with yourself


 These are four main things I ask of you during the time we work together.


What You Get In Return


  •  A supportive coach that will cheer you on as you work through the material. (don't worry no slogging required)
  • The tools you need to help you focus on your goals
  • Rooting out limiting beliefs and turning to unlimited potential
  • Tackle doubts, fears and excuses and turn them into confidence
  • Tap into your natural creative ability to express your potential with joy and ease


So are you ready?

If so,

Choose Your Package

for a consultation and we’ll talk


If not, that’s ok too. I understand commitment is a big thing so, when you are ready and you want to take the leap, I’m here.

I’ll close by saying that this is one of the best ways I can think of to give back to a growing community of people who are seeking to change from the inside out. It’s a way I can help foster a planet of happy people and I full believe this is why we are here to begin with.

Thank you so much for visiting! I really appreciate your presence here.

Take good care and Blessings,