Meditation Music Trifecta

Take a deep breath…….take another……..quiet your mind…….These three pieces are the beginnings of a series of meditation music I plan on putting out over the next year or so. If you are seeking a bit of refuge from an increasingly chaotic world then feel free to download these and hit the reset button.

Thank you so much for your support! This is the culmination of of your contribution and i am grateful for your help.



Bandcamp artwork final.jpg
I Am Love Bandcamp idea 2.jpg
Journey to Love for Bandcamp.jpg

Just recently finished this beautiful track for guitar and vocals. the funny thing about this track is I don't really play guitar. However, it was a joy to be able to pick out the notes on this soft and sweet piece. This is another one of the tracks made for the meditation project with my good friend and musician Julie Dittmar, which is due to be released this summer. If you have any trouble downloading, please click here

Many thanks and much Love