los tres amigos


I'm looking to re-home these three lovelies from my own collection to places where they will be played.

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NATIVE AMERICAN FLUTE by SINGING TREE - KEY OF G# - $150 (shipping included)

This beautiful flute made by Singing Tree (circa 2014) is looking for its forever home. It's been gently used and very well taken care of by her previous owner. She has a super sweet tone that is perfect for solo playing in the woods or the studio. I'm reasonably sure the wood is maple and i'm not exactly sure what wood the mouthpiece and end cap is but it looks to be walnut.  The totem is a delicately carved eagle that also looks to be made of walnut. Though she doesn't have one now, she will have a carry bag that is included. If you have any questions about this flute or about ordering a didgeridoo, you can contact me at didgegnome6@gmail.com. Shipped by ground. 

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This unusual flute has the soft sweet sound of a Native American flute but with the tuning of the hijaz scale which is common in Middle Eastern music. This means fingering for this flute will be a little different than other Native style flutes. The tuning allows for loads of creativity in your music to give it that slightly spicy flavor. She is made of cedar wood with the totem that looks to be made of walnut. Carry bag will be included. 


This sweet little flute has got a nice sound and is SUPER SENSITIVE so not much breath is needed to play it. You'll notice this in the sound samples below (which is what happens when you hand a flute like this to a didge player). Anyhow, if you're willing to invest the patience and time to listen to how this flute loves to be played I'm sure she will reward you with some sweet and lovely songs. She is made of cedar (at least that what it smells like) and is very portable. carry bag will be included. 

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