in 2013, Jack Conte had a brilliant idea that married the age old practice of artistic and creator patronage with internet crowdfunding and Patreon was born. It was an idea born out of a personal need to be supported as an artists. Now Patreon has 1000’s of artists and creators who find much needed support for their work.

I joined Patron in 2015 to find and connect with people who love the work I do and who want to support more of it. It’s a place where I’ve been posting, music, downloads, videos, poetry, photos, blog posts on life, triumphs and hazards of being an artist in an everchanging world. It’s where I share vulnerable moments, triumphs, frustrations Below you’ll find some of the

When you support and independent artist. Patreon is a crowd funding platform that brings the idea of artist patronage to the internet. How it works is for as little as $5 a month, you would be helping me to grow and do more with didgeridoo, recording and doing outreach and workshops about didgeridoo, music and composition. Work I LOVE doing!! It helps me fulfill my devotion to the arts and arts advocacy, forest preservation, and bringing more visibility of women in music. If this sounds good to you then click the link below and learn and become a patron.