This page is a compilation of resources musical and non-musical. I wanted to do this because, frankly, we can all use the help from time to time. Often times I find that lessons I learn in music can often be applied to life as well and vica versa. Please check these out along with the Thoughts and Musings blog where I write about the challenges, triumphs and lessons about being an independent musician trailblazing through all available resources in an attempt to make a living at her art.


Books I’ve read, videos I’ve resonated with, memes that inspired me, other people’s music that I listen to and people that I think are bad ass.

BOOKS I’VE READ (and found helpful)

You Are a Badass - Jen Sincero

Heal Your Life - Louise Hay

You Are a Bad Ass Making Money - Jen Sincero

Becoming Supernatural - Dr. Joe Dispenza

Be A Free Rang Human - Marianne Cantwell

Book of Light - Mikaela Jones

Self Care for the Self Aware - Dave Markowitz


Sites for buying didgeridoos, videos on technique, inspired practice, what to look for while shopping for didgeridoos, stories and adventures and people who I think are bad ass


(video on buying your first didgeridoo)


This is a compilation of makers and businesses I’ve dealt with in the U.S. and Australia


McCaslin Didgecrafters (OR) - The McCaslins are a family of two didge making brothers Seth and Shane and their dad, Mike who all make didgeridoos from amazing pieces of driftwood. They have a great selection of hardwood didges made from local woods like cedar, alder, ash, oak and occasionally myrtle wood.

Tyler Spencer (OR) - Another amazing crafter and amazing player of didge. Tyler also lives on the Oregon Coasr 9not too far fromt he McCaslins) where he runs the Primaltones Didgeridoo Gallery. Tyler has a great selection of hardwood, agave and the best bamboo didges on the planet.

Noah Frisch (WA) - Even though Noah is fairly new to didge making, he is fastly becoming a rising star and for good reason. He simply makes great didges. He has a fine selection of hardwood and agave didgeridoos

Will Thoren (CA) - Will is a pioneer in the drop drone/multi drone technique and developing the didgeridoos to accommodate these techniques. Check out his site which features a selection of hardwood, agave and occasionally bamboo didges.

William McGavin - (AL) - Yep you read that right. There’s a didgeridoo maker in Alabama

Chad Butler - .(OR) - Chad is pretty much THE guy who has pioneered American didgeridoo making. He’s made some amazing didges from pine, ash, oak, cedar and a variety of other woods


Didgeridoo Breath (FReemantle) - Didgeridoo Breath has the largest selection of Australian and Aboriginal made didgeridoos at a price for every budget. They also have a wide selection of accessories and didgeridoo related items as well as amazing customer service.

Below are a list of makers I’ve not dealt with but have a great reputation nonetheless.Totally check them out if you’re in the following areas


Hans Karssen

Dubravko Lapaine

Andrea Furlan

Andrea Ferroni


Jonathan Antonio Martinez Machain